Kenya Judiciary embarks on new dress for judges,magistrates

The Hated wig: Judge Ibrahim of the Mombasa courts

The judiciary has already embarked on a process of designing a new dress code for the judiciary . The process is spearheaded by Joy Mboya of the GoDown art centre who has already come up with sketches and colors of the dress.

Chief Justice Willy Mutunga in a  paper, “Dressing and addressing the Judiciary” posted on his Facebook page yesterday, says major strides have been made in  reaching consensus in a dress that will reflect the spirit of the new law.

The wig usually worn by judges is one of the item that will have to go. And the judges too have no kinds words for the wig that is a symbol of colonial legacy.

On August 14-19, 2011 judges convened in Mombasa for their annual colloquium where they deliberated on the issue of the dress code for the judiciary.

“I read the paper in this workshop and it generated great and robust discussion. Most of the responses reflected the historical arguments for and against the retention of judicial attire and address that have been canvassed in the paper. I will confine myself to what turned out to be the emerging consensus,” says Mutuga in his paper.

And this is what the judges think of the wig.“torturous,” “colonial relics,” “cumbersome,””lack uniformity,”“uncomfortable,” and “antique.”

According the the CJ the the judges decided to retain robes although they could not agree on the colors. It was suggested that each of
the superior courts could decide on the colors of their respective robes.

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