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Media council attack media on offensive photos,video clips

The full statement by Media Council

The Media Council of Kenya appreciates the noble work by the Kenyan media in informing the public on yesterday’s Lunga Lunga fire tragedy. As the body in charge of promoting ethical standards among journalists and the media in Kenya, and in view of the latest developments, we are highly concerned with the deliberate contravention of certain articles in the Conduct for the Practice of Journalism in Kenya as entrenched in the Second Schedule of the Media Act 2007.

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The Star Sinai fire photo: a matter of ethics,facts and truth

The photo published by The Star :The scene at the Sinai slum at Viwandani location where fire prompted by a burst KPC pipeline. Over 80 people perished and hundreds injured. Photo/Jack Owuor

Today I have received many calls and  emails on the splash photo of the Sinai fire tragedy. If by chance you have not seen a copy of The Star today I have attached the photo.

Many readers have demonized the paper and even the media watchdog Media Council of Kenya has raised the red flag. Social Media is awash with utter ‘shock’ at the ‘sensational’ route that the paper has taken to sell more copies.

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