Kenya ICC trials: it is not a matter of ‘Our man’ Uhuru and Ruto

Lest we forget: A man carry a panga during the post-election violence in Nairobi Kenya

I was following a discussion on a social network forum on the Kenya post-election violence trials at the ICC. One person had raised an issue on the Ocampo’s Naivasha evidence. The inhuman acts that Kenyans were subjected to in 2007-8 in what I always refer to the darkest year in Kenyan history.

The debate started thus:

Please tell me there is a possibility of justice for these guys who were:

  • Forcefully circumcised
  • Their genitals were chopped off.
  • Raped in front of their Husbands…after their husband’s genitals were chopped off.
  • Raped by over 5 men
  • Men told to each show their penis.

The list is endless,she notes and pose a question “God, Ocampo,did this happen in Kenya?”

And she got very interesting responses. One guy who is really pissed off by the ICC trials was the first to send the salvo.

“If you start a fire get to know that it can also burn you,” John starts. “The truth of post-election violence has not been told. There are those who started the violence and there those who arrested the situation.”

He says if the violence was not arrested at Naivasha another Rwanda would have been repeated here(meaning Kenya). “However, the ICC is regarding these suspects the same. The law is an ass, it does not consider the truth but deals with facts.,” adds John.

He finishes his argument the Kenyan style: “We call upon God to intervene in this situation. Let us all pray for the truth to surface.”

At this point I laughed. And reflected on how we Kenyans always blame God for own folly. And how when we fail to treat our neighbors right we leave them to God.

With John giving up on any form of justice happening to Kenya and dedicating us to go I decided to check a second contributor to this debate-I call him Henry. A very sober Kenyan who by his contribution has no mtu wetu ‘our man’ syndrome.

“Sometimes I  sympathize with Kenyans,more  simple-minded Kikuyus ,Kalenjins and Luos.(Not all of them though),” starts Henry. Reading this I prepare for interesting facts here.

“Post election violence indeed occurred. Kikuyus were killed and Luos were but victims of circumstances,if anything, the Mungikis or whosoever was ,should have revenged on the Kalenjins,what explanation was there to kill,circumcise and even burn Luos alive in Naivasha?” a seemingly agitated Henry continues.

“The point is whether its Uhuru or Raila ,or Ruto in the Hague,its non of your business you poor earth trodden fellas who keep on saying ”wameonea mtu wetu”. The truth is; common poor Kikuyus suffered, poor Luos suffered ,some Kalenjins also suffered ,Kisiis also suffered,Luhyas suffered,” sobering facts by Henry here.

“Today those who were the cause of this suffering are dinning and criss crossing the country together in the name of we want a better Kenya. Sit back and ask yourself ,which better Kenya are they going to offer you,when they have been there and they are here with us and they have never
offered you anything? ” Henry concludes his contribution.

Henry’s last paragraph made my day. Following the ICC trials of the Ocampo six at ICC court at Hague in Netherlands is nothing short of painful. Especially if you were affected the violence. But following the discussion on Twitter and Facebook we are so tribal in our comments.

When Willian Ruto took the stand all the Kalenjin and now the Kukuyu allies were all tearing down Ocampo evidence. And When Uhuru took over the court to give his defence lol a certain fever caught the country especially in central Kenya.

One friend chatting with me said: “man your man is doing very well at teh Hague and am sure Ocampo has no case. Congs man.”

My man here was supposed to be Uhuru Kenyatta a man I have never met in person,just because I am Kariuki then UK is my man. This is the kind of mentally we Kenyans should shun.

Let Ocampo present his evidence and if Uhuru and Ruto(these two generates most debate) are innocent then they will be free to vie for presidency.

But Kenyans should be wiser and shun tribalism. As we all know we have only two tribes:the rich and the poor and our biggest desire should be to strive to join the rich tribe.

All Kenyans will be a happy lot and will not care about whether they are Kikuyus,Kalenjins,Luos,Kambas,Luhya,Mijikenda,Somalia or other such tribes.

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  1. we are waiting for icc to at least show mercy on the affected families and is a shame for kenya

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