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Kenya ICC trials: it is not a matter of ‘Our man’ Uhuru and Ruto

Lest we forget: A man carry a panga during the post-election violence in Nairobi Kenya

I was following a discussion on a social network forum on the Kenya post-election violence trials at the ICC. One person had raised an issue on the Ocampo’s Naivasha evidence. The inhuman acts that Kenyans were subjected to in 2007-8 in what I always refer to the darkest year in Kenyan history.

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Do Kenyans celebrate Ocampo six more than the gold medals in Daegu?

The real Heroine:Vivian Cheruiyot wins the 5,000m race at IAAF in Daegu

Britain’s Mo Farah won the second gold for Britain in the 5,000m a race at this years IAAF World championships in Daegu,South Korea.

The 5,000m gold has always been a preserve of  Kenyans and Ethiopians.

And the British media is shouting about the win on the rooftops . The whole world now knows they have won the gold.

Kenya finishes third in this championships with a total of 14 medals,six of which are gold. But we are not singing about our heroes like the Britons are doing.

The last tree days our Kenyan media has dedicated acres of airtime to the ICC confirmation charges at the Hague. Eldoret North MP William Ruto,Henry Kosgey and Joshua arap Sang have been the talk of town.

But our brave men and women who have made us proud in Daegu have been given a second lead in our bulletins.

Even the brave Vivian Cheruiyot who manged unmatched feat of winning double gold in 10,000m and 5,000m in this championship did not receive half the coverage we gave the Ocampo three at the Hague.

I remember Vivian Cheruiyot’s win came amidst the ICC hearings and the media did not even bother to interrupt the very important ICC hearings to inform us of this envious achievement by our athletes.

Do we Kenyans glorify politicians more than our real heroes who make our National anthem be sang many times over in the international stage?

Some athletes have started coming back but media presence at the airport to receive them is minimal. But when the Ruto group jets in we will all be lining up to welcome our ‘heroes’ who may have in 2007 caused us to kill each other and led to the displacement of 300,000 more.

To the ICC the media has send their best reporters not one or two but many to give us live coverage but a few sports reports have been dispatched to Daegu.

Our sportsmen deserve better coverage than we give them. To use one fan of our sports team John Kiarie who said thus in Twitter:

“Put the “world-beating-gold-winning-pride-inspiring athletes” on a caravan & parade them around Nairobi 4 all to see who real ntl(international) heros are!”

Yes we need to line up from JKIA and welcome our real international heroes with songs and dance. Indeed they are our true heroes and not some suspects at the Hague.